Maximise sales wins with WhatsApp CRM

Have instant, personalised, and meaningful conversations with your leads and customers right from your CRM. Answer customer questions, run marketing campaigns, and sell directly in chat.

Import sales conversation on WhatsApp CRM

WhatsApp-enabled CRM for instant
and intuitive sales conversations

Sales CRM featureGenerate leads seamlessly

With powerful CRM WhatsApp integration, generate leads full-fledged. Keep your pipeline flowing by capturing leads 360-degree.

Auto lead capture

Save leads in your CRM from incoming chats and work towards converting the conversation into a sales win. Save your time and effort, and never let leads slip through the cracks.

Merge contacts

Easily find the customer’s chats from multiple channels and merge them into one unified conversation. Associate it with the customer profile to get a holistic view and the context of the conversation.

Broadcast messages

Keep your prospects informed about your product updates and promotions. Schedule and send messages to your potential clients with the broadcast feature.

Convert conversation into sales with WhatsApp CRM
One account, multiple agents

Communicate effectively across customer lifecycle

Sell, support, and supervise your clients right from your CRM with WhatsApp integration.

One account, multiple agents

Ensure no messages go unheard. Have multiple agents available to attend to your customer queries. Categorise incoming chats and assign them to the right person to take over the sales conversation.

Auto-reply with message templates

Reply to the most frequently asked questions instantly with pre-approved message templates. Customise these message templates to personalise your responses.

Add custom notes to conversations

Keep your team informed about the customer by signing off with a note. Mention special considerations, customer requirements, expectations, and more.

Sales CRM featureBoost sales conversions with effective conversations

Power up your growth and accelerate your wins with engaging sales conversations.

Send auto-away messages

Notify message senders when you are not available to respond to their message. Send an auto-away message when you are away and during your off-business hours.

Tag your conversations

Categorise your leads and contacts as hot, warm, or cold; or based on their demographics, purchase behaviour, etc., with the help of colourful tags, and send non-transactional messages to the segmented audience.

Media and interactive messages

Build engaging conversations by sending a voice message, product video, quotation, document, or other media files without any hassle. Provide instant response to the received query with interactive auto-replies.

WhatsApp templates and message tags

Build experiences to chat with customers on WhatsApp

  • Centralise conversations by integrating your sales, marketing, and support channels with CRM
  • Improve your sales with personalised and engaging conversations
  • Access details of all your potential customers in the WhatsApp CRM pipeline
  • Communicate faster and better by responding to WhatsApp conversations right from your CRM
  • Keep your sales pipeline flowing by automatically capturing the Leads into your CRM
Sales cycle in WhatsApp-enabled CRM

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