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With Pepper Cloud CRM Integrations, unite all your teams around your prospects. Integrate your favourite sales-boosting apps with your CRM tool to empower your sales team, personalise conversations, shorten the sales cycle, and grow your business.

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Be always ready to effectively engage with your prospects, generate more leads, and win more opportunities. With easy CRM system integrations, your favourite Google apps, Mailchimp, and other sales-boosting tools are just a few clicks away.

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CRM system integration with Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp

Sales outreachImprove sales outreach with marketing campaigns

Take your sales a step forward by integrating the CRM with marketing tools such as Mailchimp. Segment your customers, trigger your emails and send the right emails to the right people at the right time.

Customer segmentation

Build your customer segments based on their location, interests, purchase history, and much more. Deliver the emails that matter to them.

Personalised campaigns

Convert leads to opportunities faster by adding a personal touch to your marketing campaigns. Make your messages feel like one to one conversation and not an unwarranted one side conversation.


Have conversations that matter. Access marketing campaign analytics with the data visualisation dashboard and get recommendations on your customers’ preferences. Check how many emails got delivered, who opened, who clicked, who unsubscribed etc. to design better campaigns as you progress.

CRM Mailchimp integration

CRM Gmail integrationConnect your email client and have contextual conversations

Get the complete context of conversations with CRM Gmail integration or by syncing Outlook with your CRM account. With easy native integrations of the best sales CRM , never struggle to find the right emails nor lose important emails while switching between the apps.

Easy access

Integrate your inbox with the best CRM for Office 365 and Gmail to access your sales conversations from anywhere. With the easy email integration feature of Pepper Cloud CRM, send emails directly from the CRM system and auto attach the reply to your business records.

Adding contacts

Making headway in your conversation with your prospect? Simply click on the prospect name and add it as a Contact or a Lead in the CRM and engage directly through your CRM software.

Flexibility to choose

While sending out emails from your connected Gmail or Office 365 account, choose which emails you want to bring into the CRM. Ignore all your personal emails while you add your business emails into the CRM.

CRM Outlook integration

CRM calendar integration

Calendar integrationNever miss an appointment with calendar integration

Harmonise your schedule by integrating your CRM with the calendar of your choice. Bring all your meetings, events, and appointments under one platform with Google calendar integration or Office 365 calendar integration.

One-way or two-way sync

Enable one-way sync to access your Google or Office 365 calendar through Pepper Cloud CRM. Or enable two-way sync to access Pepper Cloud records from within your external calendar provider.

Event scheduler

With the event scheduler of Pepper Cloud, ensure you plan your day and schedule meetings and events accordingly so that you are never overbooked.

Visual overview

View your day-to-day activities as a to-do list and be reminded of scheduled meetings and events with notifications.

Sales documentsSeamlessly manage your documents

Keep all your sales documents handy. Avoid the inconvenience of not finding the right quotes, proposals or contracts when you are working on an important business opportunity. Attach and store the relevant documents with your opportunities and access them anytime, anywhere.

Document format

Pepper Cloud CRM supports the storage of various documents in different formats. Keep your text files, photos, videos, pdf, and all other documents that your business needs, easily accessible.

Team association

The seamless association feature of Pepper Cloud CRM, allows the team to collaborate with ease and stay updated with the relevant information.

Reduce sales downtime

Reduce sales downtime and maximise your sales reps time by letting them have all the right information accessible within the business opportunity itself. Save the documents associated with business opportunities in one place.

CRM Google drive integration

Google and Outlook contactsIntegrate your contacts and automate contact sync with fewer efforts

Manage your contacts at one central platform. Access the contacts on the go by integrating Google and Office 365 contact with CRM software.

Automatic contact sync

Add your contacts from Google or Office 365 to your CRM account as leads or contacts. With Pepper Cloud, not only the basic customer details are synced, but also the custom fields you wish to have such as addresses, organisation, birthdays.

Avoid contact duplication

Create a unique set of contact data. With contact integration of Pepper Cloud CRM, you can be assured that your data is always updated and synced without any errors and duplication. If any duplicate records are found, the existing contact gets updated automatically with the new information.

Tags and groups

Be selective while importing the contact list. Use tags and groups of Google contacts and Office 365 contacts, you can experience full control over the contact data that needs to be synced with your CRM software.

Whatsapp integration

Send WhatsApp messages to your contacts, capture messages from inbound leads, and record them in your CRM account. The CRM with Whatsapp integration, allows you to sync your business WhatsApp with Pepper Cloud CRM and manage conversations effectively.

Software IntegrationRun business efficiently with accounting software integration

Streamline your business, close deals faster, and manage your accounts by integrating Pepper Cloud CRM with your favourite accounting software.

Manage quotations

Generate quotations right from your CRM account with utmost convenience. Send them to your contacts and monitor the status on the go.

Eliminate data-entry errors

Avoid unreconciled data entries and data redundancies by auto-populating the data.

Improve workflows

Sync data automatically and get an overview of your accounts through your CRM account and the accounting software.

CRM Xero integration

Expect more from CRM integrations

Build seamless workflows and better customer relationships with Pepper Cloud CRM.

CRM API integration


Have powerful conversations with your prospects, grow your sales pipeline, and convert your leads into opportunities.

Stronger customer relationships


Build personalised relationships with your customers by sending out the information they would like to read.

CRM with Whatsapp integration


Increase the conversion rates and winning opportunities with the help of various sales activities.

Sales growth


Integrate CRM account with a collection of sales-boosting apps to sell more with fewer efforts.

APIs for extensive CRM system integrations

Contact us and we will help you to integrate your favourite apps. With our CRM API integration, you can integrate the accounting and ERP software, online commerce, social media channels, project management tools and many more.

Our customers are automating workflows with our easy integrations

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Pepper Cloud + SiS Distribution (Thailand) PCL

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Pepper Cloud is an excellent all-in-one CRM tool to run multiple businesses across multiple domains. Through multiple sales pipelines, we track the business opportunities and the conversations between our team and our customers. Furthermore, this CRM software boosts the productivity of our team by helping us focus on core processes.

Pantana Na Takuathung

General Manager, SiS Distribution (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd

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