Enrich customers experience with simple Integrations

With Pepper Cloud CRM Integrations, unite all your teams around your prospects and engage your customers throughout their lifecycle. Create native integrations with the app you love and provide seamless connections between your sales and marketing departments.

Team up with your favourite tools

Pepper Cloud’s plug-and-play integrations lets you engage your prospects efficiently, close more deals effortlessly, and manage the confidential documents conveniently, all at one place.

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Run marketing campaigns and have real conversationsRun marketing campaigns and have real conversations

Segment your customers, trigger your emails and send the right emails to the right people at the right time, with our powerful integrations.

Customer Segmentation

Build your customer segments to send out targeted emails that matter to them.

Personalised Campaigns

Drive better engagement by adding a personal touch to your marketing campaigns. Make your messages feel like 1-to-1 conversation and not an unwarranted one side conversation.


Access marketing campaign analytics at one place and get recommendations on what is working best for your organisation. Check how many emails got delivered, who opened, who clicked, who unsubscribed etc. to design better campaigns as you progress.

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Connect your favourite email providerConnect your favourite email provider

Never lose an important email while juggling between the apps. Pepper Cloud offers native integration with Gmail, Office 365, and Outlook so that you can access all your conversations at one place.

2-Way Access

Integrate Gmail or Office 365 accounts with CRM through 2-way sync and access your sales conversations from anywhere. Send emails directly from the CRM and auto attach the reply to the business records.

Add Contacts with ease

Making a headway in your conversation with your prospect? Simply click to add it as a Contact or a Lead in the CRM and engage directly through CRM integration with Gmail or Office 365.

Be choosy

While sending out emails from your connected Gmail or Office 365 account, choose which emails you want to bring into the CRM. Ignore all your personal emails while you add in your business emails into the CRM.

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Never miss an appointment with Calendar IntegrationNever miss an appointment with Calendar Integration

Never be double-booked again! Bring all your meetings, events, and appointments under one calendar by syncing Google or Office 365 calendar with Pepper Cloud CRM.

One-way or two-way sync

Enable one-way sync to access your calendar from Gmail or Office 365 through Pepper Cloud CRM. Or enable two-way sync to access the Pepper Cloud calendar from your external calendar provider.

Event Scheduler

Save time and schedule important events or meetings quickly and easily, without any hassle.

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View your day-to-day activities as a to-do list and be reminded of scheduled meetings and events with notifications.

Seamlessly manage your documentsSeamlessly manage your documents

Avoid the inconvenience of not finding the right records when you are working on an important business opportunity. With our CRM integrations, store the relevant documents with your opportunities and access them anytime, anywhere.


Text files, photos, videos, pdf - Store any format of documents with the business opportunities.


The seamless association feature of Pepper Cloud CRM, allows the team to collaborate with ease and stay updated with the relevant information.

Reduce Sales Downtime

Reduce sales downtime and maximize your sales reps time by letting them have all the right information within the business opportunity itself.

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Build your contact list with less effortsBuild your contact list with less efforts

Manage your contacts at one central platform. Access the contacts on-the-go by integrating Google and Office 365 contact with Pepper Cloud’s CRM software.

Automatic sync

With Contact integrations, add all your contacts from Google or Office 365 to your CRM account as leads or contacts. With Pepper Cloud, not only the basic contact details such as name and email fields are synced but also all the custom fields that you have created in your account.

Avoid contact duplication

With Pepper Cloud CRM, you can be assured that your data is always updated and synced correctly. If duplicate records are found during the syncing then the CRM ensures that those contacts are automatically updated and not created separately.

Tags and Groups

You have full control to selectively choose the contacts that are needed to be synced based on the tags and groups in your Google or Office 365 contacts.

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Expect more from the Integrations

Pepper Cloud


Deep insights from analytics helps you target right leads and capture their attention.

Pepper Cloud


Build your relationship with your leads by sending out tailor-made information.

Pepper Cloud


With timely calls and follow-ups with your leads, increase the conversion rates and winning opportunities.

Pepper Cloud


With CRM activities and the integrations, sell more with less efforts.

Unable to find the integration you need?

Contact us and see how we can easily integrate with our open APIs. We can integrate with accounting & ERP software, ecommerce, messaging services, telephony, social media channels, survey forms among other cloud services.

What our customers are saying!

Many businesses trust Pepper Cloud CRM software to run their operations globally. Know about our clients experience in their words.

Yoon Kam Fei

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"In the past 30 years of my sales careers, I have managed a sales team of different sizes, business and geographies but the challenges are the same –better team collaboration, accurate sales forecasting and effective resource planning.
I have gone through rolling out of four to five different CRMs in my many years of sales career. What I have realized is that you need a CRM tool not for the company but for the sales people to use it. As your business expands, you need to see the big picture and not micro manage your team.
Pepper Cloud CRM is built for your sales team, who can use it as a productivity and planning tool, to slot in meeting details, optimize closure time and manage sales pipeline. It acts as a single source of truth for collaboration and capturing the trail of customer engagement.
More than any feature, what I like in Pepper Cloud CRM is their dedication to actually listen to their customers. It is a right mix of flexibility, affordability and ease of use.”

Yoon Kam Fei

Managing Director, Tec D Distribution Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

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