Your Data Security is Our Top Priority

With our robust security architecture, we ensure that your data is safe and secure. We protect your data at multiple levels through the application of various SaaS Security models and multi-layered data security methods.

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Your data is in the right hands!

Always Safe. Always Secured.

Always Safe. Always Secured.

At Pepper Cloud, we understand the importance of data security and consider cyber threats seriously. With our multi-layer security and strict privacy controls, we assure data privacy and complete control over who accesses your data.

100% Safe and Reliable Data Protection

Control data accessibility and be assured of data protection. Pepper Cloud provides you with the necessary tools to control your data access. Our CRM security tools provide you with a complete solution with functionality such as User, Role, Profile, Permission and Visibility to help you gain control over who accesses your data.

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Add, edit, manage your users and map each user to the relevant role and profile. Only authorized users can access your data.

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Create an organizational hierarchy and define the data accessibility for each user by assigning the relevant role. Use this feature to provide data access to users who manage multiple teams, sales territories etc.

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Profile defines what a user can do in the CRM system. Specify whether a user can create, read, update or delete any of the records. Profile also lets you control who can import or export the data.

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Permission and Visibility

Open or restrict the record access at your company level. It lets you set up the default access level for users on data within the CRM.

Keep away potential intruders with multi-factor authentication security

Secure your account with easy-to-use, multi-factor authentication (MFA). Safeguard your organization and your data with an additional level of security.

Restrict with Single Swipe

Enable or disable an additional level of your data security by turning on or off the toggle button.

Secure entire organization

Safeguard the data of your entire organization by activating 2 Factor Authentication through administrator privileges. We also provide you with the flexibility to control two-factor authentication at the user level.

6-digit code

Access data after entering a 6-digit code provided by Google or Microsoft authenticator and make your account immune for data breach.

Security with MFA

Security with MFA

Own your data. Safeguard your data

Your information is safe and secure across your organization through our security layers at different levels.

Data Encryption

With the state-of-the-art encryption technology of Pepper Cloud CRM, we enhance the security of your data by encrypting it during transit and when at rest.

Data Backup

Your data is regularly backed up in real time across multiple servers to avoid the loss of data.

Data Privacy

You own your data. We don’t use your data beyond the intended services or save it unnecessarily.

Experience real and robust security through world-class TUV Certified Application

We guard your data and your peace of mind through our SaaS cloud security.

Vulnerability Assessment

Be assured that your data is secure with Pepper Cloud CRM. Pepper Cloud has been assessed and certified as a zero vulnerability CRM, by TUV.

Penetration Testing

Never be worried about cyber security attacks. We ensure your data is reliably secure with Pepper Cloud CRM that is holistically tested by TUV SUD and has been certified as free from harmful penetration attacks.

Security with Hacker

Added security for increased protection

  • Shield misuse of data.
  • No more eavesdropping or cyberattacks.
  • Maintain long-lasting relationships with your customers.
  • Never lose your sleep over the security threats.

What our customers are saying!

Many businesses trust Pepper Cloud CRM software to run their operations globally. Know about our clients experience in their words.

SS Lim

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“Pepper Cloud is a strong sales tracking tool for us. With its attractive sales pipeline view, we visually track and plan all our opportunities from start to finish. The CRM is simple, intuitive and comes with integrations with applications such as Office 365 and Mailchimp, two of the other tools that we use.
Basically it is a simple and straightforward solution for small and growing companies who do not want too many redundant features and complexities. We found it easy to set up and run, and its simple UI was helpful to let us focus on the next sale right away, rather than spending time working around and understanding the product.”

SS Lim

Director, PTC Systems, Singapore