Qualify and Convert Leads into Winning Opportunities

With Pepper Cloud CRM, track your leads conveniently. Customize, optimize, and streamline your sales activities efficiently, and let your team work laser- focussed to convert leads into winning opportunities.

Kanban View

Visualize your Sales Pipeline, Witness your Growth

End-to-end sales pipeline management features of Pepper Cloud CRM facilitate you to organise, track, streamline your sales process, and close your business opportunities quickly and conveniently. The coherent and sensible visuals empower you to view the deals in their stages within the sales funnel.

Here is what you can do with Pepper Cloud CRM

Pepper Cloud: Customize the Pipeline for your needsBuild the Pipeline for your needs

We understand your business is unique and hence we have crafted customised solutions for your requirements.

Custom Pipelines

Your business processes and sales management are unique and the CRM solution should be able to adjust to your custom requirements. With Pepper Cloud CRM you can tailor your sales process to maintain hassle-free funnel for leads and opportunities.

Custom Stages

In small businesses a typical sales pipeline has 4-6 stages. If your business requires more stages then you can add them with a click of a button. With an easy drag-and-drop interface, you can also rearrange your sales stages at any point of time.

Custom Fields

Experience complete control over the information you enter in the CRM. Configure an unlimited number of fields as per your requisites and turn them on or off as you want.

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Pepper Cloud: Multiple PipelineBreak free from the limitations with multiple Sales Pipeline

The systematic sales pipeline management feature of Pepper Cloud CRM allows you to seamlessly manage different needs of your business through a unique sales pipeline system.

Create Multiple Pipelines

Sometimes one sales pipeline is not enough when you deal in multiple products, different customer types or various geographies. With multiple pipelines, you can manage every single one of them individually, yet together.

Different Views

Gain a quick glimpse of your sales pipelines and monitor your sales activities through different views - List view, Kanban view, and Forecast view.

Choose Default Pipeline

While Pepper Cloud CRM comes with a 4-stage default pipeline, it also allows you the flexibility to set your default pipeline from the multiple pipelines that you create.

Kanban View
Kanban View

Pepper Cloud: Multiple PipelineFocus on the right areas

Take the guesswork out of sales activities and follow the clutter-free visual layout of the sales pipelines to understand the health of your deals instantly and refocus the efforts for better productivity.

Lead and Opportunities

With Pepper Cloud’s exclusive CRM Sales Pipeline feature, smartly identify the prospects, skillfully track the journey of your hot leads from qualification to closing deals. Follow up and prioritize your leads and opportunities.

Rotting Opportunities

Sometimes important opportunities get neglected in your daily hustle. Pepper Cloud CRM digs out the opportunities that have remained stagnant in your sales pipelines for an extended period of time and highlights them. This keeps your team on toes to make a move and win.


Pepper Cloud CRM empowers the team by notifying when the actions are needed. With our hassle-free interface and easily accessible action tools, your team assuredly follow the actionable tasks and track them effortlessly.

Pepper Cloud: realistic sales projectionsGet your realistic sales projections

Not all opportunities have the same chances of winning and treating every opportunity as the same would give unrealistic projections. Pepper Cloud Sales Pipeline management allows you to assign winning probability as per the sales stage or opportunity type.

Stagewise Vs Global Probability

Stay on top of the deal and predict the sales pipeline revenue with the help of winning probability on all opportunities. Assign winning probability to each opportunity individually or work with stagewise winning probability.

Weighted Average

Estimate the leads who are likely to be your customer through a weighted average and get the projections of opportunities which are likely to win.

Win/Lost Opportunities

Mark opportunities as won or lost from any stage and close the deals to avoid cramming of your sales pipeline. Win from any stage of your sales pipeline. Drag and drop to win or lost.

Realistic sales projections

Effective sales pipeline management

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Enhances customer relationships through personalized interactions and engagements.

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Allows clear focus on the right deals at the right time.

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Boosts productivity with accessible data, on-the-go.

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Improves team management and coordination by sharing key information about each deal.

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Increases Revenue Generation by cross selling of your products or services.

Our Pricing Plans

Deal with your sales planning and workflow from an integrated platform.

5 users

For small team that need powerful tool.

Feature included
  • Opportunity Management
  • Custom Fields
  • Data Import


10-12 users

For medium level companies that need many features.

Feature included
  • Email Integration
  • Browser Extension
  • Lead Management

What our customers are saying!

Many businesses trust Pepper Cloud CRM software to run their operations globally. Know about our clients experience in their words.

Anthony Gerald

Quote Image

“We were very clear from the start that the CRM we would implement must be simple to work with and super easy to set up. We also evaluated CRM providers in terms of after sales support and service. Finally, we chose Pepper Cloud CRM after due consideration and now it is paying off well!
Pepper Cloud CRM has a strong sales pipeline management tool that helps us to manage our business operations in 6 countries. It has a robust user management system with clearly defined access levels for data security and protection, which we needed.
What I personally like the most in Pepper Cloud CRM is their service dedication and personal touch. There is a face behind the product to whom we can reach out to whenever there is a problem. Looking for answers in help articles and training videos was the last thing we wanted to do.
Pepper Cloud CRM has also added new features based on our feedback. This makes all the difference in the successful adoption of a product.”

Anthony Gerald

Group CEO, Cuscapi Berhad, Malaysia

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