Transform raw data into intelligent insights with CRM dashboard

Fast track your sales process by accessing overview reports and analysing the key performance metrics in one place. Gain action-oriented insights on sales, leads, activities, and campaigns with comprehensive analytics.

Visual of data through CRM Dashboard

Sales growth with CRMTake control of your sales process

Win opportunities without limits. Effortlessly monitor your sales cycle and gauge your team performance through an intuitive sales dashboard.

Sales performance

Determine the number and value of the won opportunities, top performers, visualise the sales pipeline, and track activities that lead to winning opportunities. Zoom in to the performance targets and prevent any sort of performance issues with the help of the sales performance report.

Sales leaderboards

Apart from the top numbers, get details on the top and bottom 10 opportunities by account, amount, and date. Identify and focus on improving the performance lags with the help of sales leaderboards.

Visual of sales  dashboard

Visual of sales lead dashboard

Sales performance reportVisualise lead conversions with views

With a simple, visually appealing sales lead dashboard, audit how your team members are progressing towards lead conversion goals.

Lead KPIs

Access converted or rejected lead numbers, monitor the performance of your sales funnel, and compare the leads on the leaderboard, with the help of the best sales CRM.

Drill into details

Monitor leads dashboard by date range or filter by your team and users. Get more granularity with chart level filters. With comprehensive details, start filling up your pipeline, manage your leads, and start selling efficiently.

Revenue forecastManage customer relationships better

Focus on improving the performance lags with the help of the activity dashboard.

Sales activities

Understand how your team is spending the time. Get an overview of the number of activities created over time, filter the activity dashboard view and get the reports on which you can act.

Activity type

Break the performance by activity type such as task created, meetings finalised, calls logged, emails sent out, documents uploaded, etc. and see what is helping in increasing the sales and effective lead management.

Visual of leaderboards

Sales outreach Track campaigns that generate revenue

Pull out the campaign metrics from the data visualisation dashboard of your CRM system and derive action-driven insights.

Real-time stats

View performance reports on your campaign instantly. Analyse open rates, click rates, delivery rates, users subscribed and unsubscribed, the best time to send campaigns, etc. with the help of the Mailchimp dashboard.

Compare and learn

A small change can impact the results. Use A/B testing campaigns, identify those changes that can create a better impact among your audience and implement them as a part to improve your sales metrics.

Visual of marketing campaigns conducted in mailchimp

Sales dashboard with intuitive insights

With Pepper Cloud CRM dashboards, go beyond the reports and gain useful insights for your team growth.

  • Avoid the bumps and repetition of mistakes that can hit your numbers.
  • Analyse trends across the organisation and perform better sales forecasting.
  • Monitor team productivity and the elements that led to success in selling.
  • Identify the bottlenecks and design a roadmap to improve your team’s performance.

Intuitive CRM dashboard

Our happy customers are accelerating their sales growth

Many businesses trust Pepper Cloud CRM software to run their operations globally. Know about our clients experience in their words.

Pepper Cloud+TechData Corporation

CRM Customer Testimonial

Pepper Cloud CRM has made it easier for the updated information to be accessible to everyone in our company. Its association feature allows linking the business and activity records, helping us to track all present and past interactions with the customer giving sales access to more information, allowing a higher level opportunity conversion.
Our marketing team also utilizes that information to run targeted marketing campaigns. The CRM is good not only in tracking and forecasting sales but also in providing custom graphs, page views and fields. Another good thing with Pepper Cloud CRM is that they take feedback seriously. We feel that we do have a say in the product roadmap.

Sally See

Marketing Manager, Tec D Distribution Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

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