Sales CRM dashboard 

WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Instagram & more

Connect all your messaging channels in one place

Create an intuitive and up-to-date communication channel for your sales conversations. Pepper Cloud CRM syncs all your conversations with contacts in real-time and saves you from managing multiple channels on different platforms.

Multi channel integration

Generate leads from any where, any channel

Any incoming messages from different channels can be organised as Leads. Unify your communication channels, chat away with your prospects, and convert every conversation into sales opportunities effortlessly.

Best CRM for WhatsApp and Facebook

Sales CRM featureEffectively reach out to your customers

With our powerful integration, meet and greet your customers in their favourite channels.

One channel for all conversations

With Channel integration, connect WhatsApp business account and Facebook messenger and provide your team with a single platform to respond to all the conversations.

Private messages or messages broadcast

Send one-to-one private messages proactively to your Leads or broadcast the messages to a larger audience through WhatsApp or SMS, based on your requirements.

Real-time conversations

Never make your potential customers wait for your replies. Reply instantly right from your CRM to any channel.

best CRM for channel integration

One unified platform for the entire team

Cooperate with your teammates on conversations that matter and create amazing experiences for your customers.

Collaborate with the team

Communicate faster and better with your potential clients. Invite and involve your team members to enable synergetic sales processes.

Assign conversations

Effortlessly notify and assign the conversations to the right team member.

Add closing notes

Add closing notes to each of your conversations to let your teammates know the special instructions or any other details about the prospect.

Sales CRM dashboard

Seamless message management

Message templates

Initiate proactive conversations by sending out pre-approved message templates. If you miss out on the 24-hour message window after initiating the conversations, message templates will help you to keep your conversations going.

Native experience

Pepper Cloud CRM provides you with WhatsApp and Facebook native experience by allowing you to send message replies, media messages, delivery indicators, and more .

Rich media

Send out different types of media messages to your customers to create superior engaging and interactive conversations. Conveniently send text messages, emojis, images, videos, and documents.

Automatic Lead capture CRM

Customisable pipelineSync every sales conversation

Automatic Lead capture

Don’t worry about manually saving the contact details of your Leads. Facebook and Whatsapp Business API integrated CRM automatically captures all the data of your potential customer and add them to your CRM system.

Merge channels

Talk to your Leads from a single channel. If someone chats with you from different messaging platforms, your CRM can automatically identify and merge your conversations into a single channel.

Automatic Lead capture CRM

Never let any sales
conversations go unheard

  • Send alerts, updates, and more over WhatsApp and Facebook from a single channel.
  • Expedite your sales growth by responding to your Leads instantly.
  • Track the conversation and provide your Leads with a personalised experience.
  • Keep your sales pipeline flowing by automatically capturing the Leads into your CRM.
  • Best CRM for Facebook leads and WhatsApp Leads