Email integration to supercharge your sales

Transform the way you sell. Integrate Office 365 or Gmail mailbox with your CRM tool and save your time while doing your daily tasks by accessing all your emails and contacts directly from your CRM platform.

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Visual of CRM inbox that syncs with Google mail, Google drive, and Office 365

Gmail inboxNurture better relationships with 2-way email sync

The way you communicate with your customers matters. With 2-way email integration, log customer communications automatically, analyse the context, and have effective sales conversations on the go. Experience the power of Google mail and Office 365 in your easy-to-use CRM inbox.

Sync emails in minutes

Instantly update your CRM with sales data. With email integration, access the emails sent from Google mail or Office 365 from your CRM in real-time and gather the context around the conversation.

No switching between tabs

Sending emails is an integral part of the sales process. With seamless CRM system integration with Office 365 or Gmail inbox, send out emails to your customers right from your inbox, without having the need to switch to your email provider.

Inbox in real-time

Converse with your customers in a snap and fast track your sales cycle. Your CRM inbox refreshes automatically and saves you from missing any important conversations. With the best CRM for Office 365 and Gmail, create emails, send replies, and build your sales strategy effortlessly right from your CRM software.

Stay connected

Never lose records of sales conversations. Email integration allows you to access all the relevant emails from the CRM platform even after disintegrating Office 365 or Gmail inbox from your account.

Representation of Gmail and Outlook integration with cloud-based CRM

Visual of Gmail inbox after installing CRM Chrome extension

Powerful CRM integrationGoogle chrome extension for more convenience

Install our CRM Google chrome extension and instill your CRM account right in your inbox. Manage contacts, sales emails, and opportunities round the clock without the hassle of tab hopping.

Automate contact integration

We know that you need your CRM all the time. The email integration and Chrome extension do just that, for you. It works seamlessly in the background to automatically sync your sales conversations from Gmail inbox to your CRM and allows you to access your emails wherever you go.

Log emails to your inbox from Gmail

We know that you need your CRM all the time. The email integration and Chrome extension do just that, for you. It works seamlessly in the background to automatically sync your sales conversations from Gmail inbox to your CRM and allows you to access your emails wherever you go.

Assign tasks and streamline sales activities

Stay on top of your schedule and keep track of your tasks even when you are away from CRM software. Perform your sales activities, and assign tasks to your team effortlessly through Gmail inbox, with our powerful CRM chrome extension.

Hassle-free access to complete information of account

With our chrome extension, enjoy the power of accessing the right information at the right time. View all the details of your customers and their accounts whenever you need and customise your communication with the customers.

Quick CRM integrationBoost sales productivity with contact import

Keeping your contacts up-to-date is made easier with the best sales CRM of Singapore. Integrate your Google contacts or Office 365 contacts with CRM software and reach out to your customer with utmost ease.

Import contacts

Access your contacts right from your CRM. With quick and easy contact import, sync all your contacts or just the selected contacts from Google or Office 365 in minutes. Segment them as leads or contacts in the CRM with a single click.

Customised field mapping

Easy drag-and-drop feature to map the fields of your contacts. Choose the default contact fields or customise them as per your requirements. Sync the Office 365 or Gmail contacts automatically, without any manual interventions.

Incorporate complete details

Help your sales team by providing them with comprehensive contact records. Import Google contacts or Office 365 contacts with their available display pics or avatars and be familiar with whom you are communicating.

Representation of contact import from Gmail and Outlookthrough CRM system integration

Manage your sales emails right from your CRM

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No more sifting numerous emails. Organise your emails in a clutter-free CRM inbox.

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With easy access to the complete email history of leads, know the context for communication.

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Revamp your email interactions with the hassle-free, intuitive CRM inbox.

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Team collaboration, accurate sales forecasting, and effective resource management are the challenges every organisation encounters. But having an efficient CRM tool like Pepper Cloud enhances productivity while assisting in optimising the sales process and managing the sales pipeline.

Pepper Cloud CRM tool is the right mix of flexibility, affordability, and ease of use.

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