Initiate instant voice calls with Aircall integration

Empower your pre-sales, sales, and support team to efficiently manage inbound and outbound calls, effortlessly access caller information, and keep track of conversations, right from the CRM.

Pepper Cloud CRM Aircall Intergation

Seamless voice communication with Aircall-integrated CRM

Experience the power of a unified platform and elevate your sales and customer service with the robust telephony capabilities of Aircall and CRM integration.
VoIP CRM Integration

About Aircall

Aircall is an integrated business phone solution that offers VoIP (Voice over IP) services designed to cater to the needs of sales and support teams of growing businesses.

Aircall Integration
  • Easy and quick integration
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-quality voice calls
  • Built-in call recording
  • Revolutionise sales productivity with Aircall integration

    Power up personalised communication and enhance your productivity with voice calls. With this CRM phone system integration, you can unify and streamline your communications without any hassle.

    • Initiate outbound calls with a simple click, eliminating the need for manually typing the phone number.
    • Get an overview of caller details prior to connecting with your customers, and tailor your response.
    • Automatically log call details such as duration and call recording and associate them with the respective profiles.
    • Add notes and tags to calls, keeping a comprehensive history of interactions.
    • Analyse your team’s call metrics in real time through the CRM dashboard and make data-driven decisions.
    • Predefine call distribution workflows to intelligently route inbound calls to the appropriate teams.
    • If the calls go unanswered, send a WhatsApp message through CRM and keep the conversation going.
    call routing & recording in crm

    Enhance customer communications with smarter voice call capabilities