2 Years of adding value

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What is Pepper Cloud?

Pepper Cloud is a product company based in Singapore with offices, partners and customers across SE Asia region. Established in 2017, we offer cloud based enterprise software both for business to business (B2B) and for business to business to consumer (B2B2C). Our products are used by both small scale and medium scale companies across various industry domains.

Our Work Principles

We strongly believe that true success is based on principles. We also follow few principles that serve as the foundation of our belief and behavior.

Take Ownership

Take ownership of your work and emotions. Ownership brings a sense of independence, attachment and confidence.

Be Proactive

Ownership brings in a sense of proactiviness, which brings innovation and great ideas. We believe in creating and controlling a situation rather than just responding to it.

Open Communication

A lot of good ideas or productive work do not take shape due to lack of communication. Lack of communication also brings mistrust and negative energy at work place. Always be communicative!

Be Transparent

Communication brings transparency and transparency brings trust. We believe that great work and relationship are built on trust.