Pepper Cloud Gmail / Office 365 Integration.

Leave all your busy work with Pepper Cloud and spend your time in cultivating meaningful relationships with your customers.

Pepper Cloud CRM

Never leave your Inbox.

The Gmail / Office 365 integration lets you access your CRM right from your inbox. All your CRM data appears right in the Gmail / Office 365. You not only can search Leads and Contacts inside your Gmail but see all associated opportunities and accounts.

Add chrome extension to your CRM and bring CRM capability to your inbox. Chrome Extension with Gmail and office 365. Add contacts directly from your mailbox, pull information from CRM without logging in to CRM

Auto create Lead and Contact from Gmail.

The smart extension tool auto creates lead and contact records from your Gmail / Office 365. It also captures your prospect’s publicly available data so that your team have all the basic information to get rolling.

Pepper cloud CRM chrome extension helps integrate with your office 365 and gmail inbox to populate contacts in the CRM directly.. Add chrome extension to your CRM and bring CRM capability to your inbox. Pull information from CRM within your inbox.

Get working with Tasks.

Assign tasks to yourself or to your team member right when you create a lead into the CRM from your mailbox. Keep track of all completed tasks on your contacts.

Pepper cloud CRM extension allows you to create tasks directly from your gmail/office 365  inbox. You can set up tasks for yourself or assign them to one of your team. Add these tasks to your calender and send email reminders.

Goodbye manual work, Welcome automation!

Find out how our extension tools connect with your mailbox and reduce your manual work.