Turn Raw Data into Business Intelligence.

Pepper Cloud’s analytical tool deliver insights that helps you to take fast and informed business decisions.

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See and understand your data.

Easily transform your data into colorful visuals and analyze from different perspectives. Visualize your data with custom charts and graphs.

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Just Plug and Play.

Readily available connectors support MySQL, Postgres, Oracle and many other database.

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Your data, your way.

Fully customizable dashboard allows you to style your dashboard components. Drag-and-drop to create analytical dashboards.

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Empower your Team

Use the power of data visualization to enable everyone in your team to create winning business models.

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Marketing Team

Provide your marketing team with built in business metrics so that instead of wriggling with the data to get the answers, they can get actionable insights right away!

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Sales Team

Your sales team know and do what they are best at, which is generating sales and fulfilling customer’s expectations. Our data visualization tool will help them to plan out their sales strategies and monthly pipelines.

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Analytical Team

Your analytical team can unlock the real growth opportunities with raw data, which you never knew existed.

Explore Data Visualization Tool

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